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Email Signature Creator
We’ve helped more than 10,000+ customers since 2017 to create their own professional HTML email signature

Email Signature Creator

10,000+ Signature templates

Look at few examples below...

100+ Social Icons, 7 Shapes, millions of colors...

Millions of combinaisons...

And more...

No coding required

ESC take care of all the difficult coding for you.
Simply create your signature with our easy to use app and get your signature to your email client.

No design knowledge required

ESC take care of all the major design part. For you to always have a professional looking signature.

Save Money

No expensive subscription.
No expensive services.
Pay one time to create and share as many signatures with others as you want.


Simply create, duplicate and share signatures with all your colleague, friends and family...

Signature everywhere

The signature can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone... Any email clients supporting HTML signature.


If you have any questions while creating your signature, do not hesitate to contact us, we usually answer in less than 48h.

About us

We are the Mad Birdies part of seense family, a small indie studio.

We to craft amazing apps!