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Email Signature Creator is simply the best app to create your Email Signatures

No other app comes close to our features offer.
8000+ Templates, more than 50+ social icons, any colors, 3 shapes, plain or outlined....
Supported by all email clients HTML capable (GMail, Outlook, Mail, Spark, AirMail, Thunderbird,...).
Easily transfer signature to other Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android email clients and more...

Just try it today!

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Email Signature Creator

The perfect compagnon for any email clients. Easily create your email signature, with the help of 8000+ templates, easily and highly customizable. Select among 20 Layouts, 20 Contact details style, 20 Name/title style. Coming with 35 most popular social icons, 10 most popular messaging apps icons. Select Theme color, Text color, Shape, size, picture...
Just try it today!

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Our Little Birdies

Email Signature Creator

Email Signature Creator is the magic app to create easily your email signature. This little birdie comes with 8000+ easy-to-use templates, easily accessible and highly customizable.
We hope you will enyoy it.

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Myna for Google Translate

Myna for Google Translate is the best Mac client for Google Translate. We spent a lot of hours to integrate Google Translate with the system to ease your translations.
We hope you will love it.

Mac App Store Free Trial PopClip extension

Myna Translate - iOS Safari Extension

Myna Translate for iOS is our last birdie and first for iOS. The perfect companion to our popular Myna for Google Translate on macOS. Myna Translate for iOS is a Safari extension for a quick and easy translation of any website.
We hope you will love it.

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Skua for Google Docs

Skua for Google Docs is the best Mac client for Google Drive/Google Docs. We have fully integrate Google Drive/Google Docs to your Mac, with Share menu, Services menu, Open documents right from your Desktop and more...
Skua is our premium wrapper for Google Docs.

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Phoebe for Google Photos

Phoebe for Google Photos is the ultimate Mac client for Google Photos. We spent a lot of time to integrate Google Photos with macOS for you to use it as a native app.
We hope you will enyoy it.

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We are the Mad Birdies, a small indie studio. Laurent is our crazy developer & Jenny is our great designer.

We to craft amazing apps!